Purchase Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions (also known as E&O or E and O) insurance provides liability protection for notaries. If you make a notarization mistake, this type of insurance helps protect you from paying out of pocket for legal defense fees or bond repayments.

These policies cover common mistakes that can happen while performing your services, such as:

  • Failure to properly identify the signer(s)
  • Accidental incorrect document witnessing or attesting
  • Offering unauthorized or prohibited acts
  • Charging a fee that's higher than the state limit

Can you afford a lawsuit? Defending yourself if found liable for financial harm can become very expensive. Keep reading for more information on these kinds of policies, how they work, and how to get one.

Information on IL Notary E&O Insurance Policies

A notary public is a person of integrity appointed by the state to be an impartial witness and help prevent fraud. Violating any Illinois state laws while notarizing a document can create significant financial loss for a client. If a previous customer thinks you did something incorrectly while signing and they lost money, they can sue you directly or file a claim against your notary bond.

These policies cover out-of-pocket expenses related to settlements, attorney fees, judgments and court costs that can occur after making a proven omission or error during your notarial work. Insurance coverage starts by paying a one-time premium that lasts for the entire commission duration, or four years. The total dollar amount depends on the policy's coverage limit.

This hypothetical example displays how E&O insurance can help you:

A former client thinks you notarized something incorrectly and files a claim against your bond. You work with the bond company and a lawyer to settle the claim out of court. Your bond provider pays the client $5,000, and you end up owing the lawyer $3,000. If your bond agreement is like most, you must repay the $5,000 to the bond provider.

Without such a policy for notarization errors, you would have to pay $8,000 out of your own pocket. However, as a $10,000 policy holder, you are covered for the $5,000 surety bond payback and $3,000 worth of legal fees.

Illinois 4-Year E&O Insurance

Get protection for the full term of your Commission.

  • $50 for $25,000 coverage
  • $110 for $50,000 coverage
  • $170 for $100,000 coverage

Options to Get Coverage for Omissions and Errors

Now that you understand the benefits of being insured, our affordable E&O policies can help you. They're underwritten by the Travelers Indemnity Company, and there is no deductible or loss repayment.

What's the Cost?

Our varied policy options fit any budget. Premiums start at $50 for $25,000 coverage, and policies last as long as your four-year commission term.

Why Do I Need This Insurance When I Have a Surety Bond?

The surety bond required by the Illinois Secretary of State doesn't protect notaries. Bonds protect the public from notarization oversights that cause financial loss.

If a former customer files a claim against your $5,000 bond and it's deemed legitimate, the bond provider pays the claimant. After that, the provider will likely demand repayment from you.

How Do I File an E&O Claim?

If you need to defend yourself in court or repay a surety bond, these general E&O claim tips can help:

  • Give your E&O provider all the information about the claim made against your surety bond. Document as much as possible in writing to help your case. Your notary journal is especially important during this process.
  • Contact the person at the insurance company who handles claims. If they recommend it, find a lawyer who specializes in liability insurance claims. Don't discuss the case with anyone except the claim professional and your lawyer.
  • Have the insurance company and/or lawyer attempt to reach a settlement outside of court.

Buy the Right Errors and Omissions Coverage for You

We offer liability protection for Illinois notaries. The best time to purchase this insurance is before someone files a claim against your bond. Secure your future as a notary today!