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Pennsylvania Notary Package

Our basic Pennsylvania Notary package includes your state required notary bond, customized self-inking notary stamp (in your choice of 12 colors), required notary education course and the required Notary Record Keeping Journal. With no hidden fees!

How to Become a NotaryHow to Renew a Notary

Notary Package

Tips On Becoming a Pennsylvania Notary

PLEASE NOTE: The Pennsylvania Department of State has changed the notary application, education and exam process. and Huckleberry Notary Bonding has made the new process simple to understand. Visiting the state's website at this time will only confuse and frustrate you.

Why You Need E&O Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance protects notaries from liability and financial loss if they commit a negligent act while performing notarial duties. Purchase a policy to protect yourself from paying out of pocket for legal fees or surety bond repayments.

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Complete Application Information

You will complete all the information requested here at The way you enter your name at must be identical to the way you eventually enter it at the state website.

Providing employment information is optional. If you choose to include information about your employer then this is the county that your notary will be commissioned in and the county courthouse that you will need to go to in order to be sworn in.

  • If you have a home-based business and gave the same address for both home and business, you must include a letter addressed to the Secretary of State explaining that you have a home-based business. You must give a physical address for your home and employment address. A Post Office Box in unacceptable for either home or business.
  • If you work in Pennsylvania but live in another state, you must provide a letter from your employer explaining how many hours per week you work in Pennsylvania.

Take Notary Education

All Pennsylvania notary applicants, both new and reappointments must complete a pre-approved, three-hour notary public education course within the six-month period immediately preceding their time of application. You will take the course at

When you have completed the course, you will print your notary education completion certificate which you should save to your computer as a PDF, JPEG or TIFF file. You will be uploading this certificate to the state when you complete the online notary application at the PA Secretary of State's website.

Notary Bond, Notary Stamp and Education

You will purchase your NOTARY BOND, SELF-INKING NOTARY STAMP, and the STATE APPROVED AND REQUIRED ONLINE NOTARY EDUCATION COURSE along with additional notary supplies you choose to order from NOTARY E&O INSURANCE (professional liability insurance) IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IN ADDITION TO YOUR REQUIRED NOTARY BOND.

Once you have made your online payment you will have immediate access to the online notary course.

Please Note: Your notary bond will not be issued and your notary seal will not be manufactured until you have completed the entire application process which includes completing the state's online application, taking the notary exam and receiving your commission appointment from the state.

VISIT THE STATE OF PA'S NOTARY WEBSITE TO COMPLETE THE ONLINE NOTARY APPLICATION. We will provide you with the correct web address when you checkout at You will be applying as either a new or renewing notary.

New Notary Applicants

After you have been to and applied for and purchased your notary bond and notary supplies, completed your online education and saved your notary education completion certificate to your computer for later upload, you are then ready to move on to the state's website. At the state website, you will complete your online application, be asked to upload your notary education completion certificate and to pay the state filing fee of $42.00 (This fee is paid by the applicant directly to the state and is NOT part of what you will pay to Huckleberry Notary or

Taking Your Notary Exam

Once you have completed the online application at the state's website, within 10 business days, you will receive an APPROVAL TO TEST email from the Pearson VUE testing firm. This will include instructions to visit an Exam Center to take the required Notary Examination.

Renewing Notary Applicants

If you have let your notary commission lapse for even one (1) day, you must follow the instructions for a New Notary Applicant. This includes taking the Notary Exam. That is why we recommend reapplying at least three months in advance of your current notary expiration date.

All renewing notaries are required to take the Online Notary Course. However, if your commission has not lapsed when you renew, you do not have to take the exam. Please be sure to save your Notary Course Completion Certificate to your computer. You will need to upload it to the state when you complete your Official Online Application.

Notary Bond and Your Stamp and Supplies

Once you have passed the exam, the Pennsylvania Department of State will mail you your NOTICE TO APPOINTEE letter and your BLANK NOTARY BOND. THESE ARE TIME SENSITIVE! Once you receive the appointment letter and bond, you have less than 45 days to have the bond completed and be sworn in at the county courthouse. Please email these forms to us as soon as you receive them to

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the exam, you will receive an email from Pearson VUE to reschedule another exam.

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