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Pennsylvania Notary Renewal Package

Notaries.com takes the stress out of renewing as a notary. Our renewal package includes:

  • Your notary commission certificate
  • $10,000 notary bond
  • Self-inking notary stamp
  • Notary journal
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Is it time to renew your Pennsylvania notary commission? Don't let your renewal deadline sneak up on you! Whether this is your first notary renewal or you need a refresher, we're here to help. Here's your step-by-step Pennsylvania notary reappointment guide.

How to Renew Your Commission

Thankfully, renewing your Pennsylvania notary commission follows many of the same steps as when you first applied. As long as you still meet the Pennsylvania notary eligibility requirements, you can follow these steps to renew.

#1: Complete Your PA Notary Education

To renew your Pennsylvania notary commission, you must complete a three-hour notary public education course. According to the Department of State, renewing notaries should complete this education at least six months before their current commission expires.

If you fail to complete the three-hour course and submit a renewal application before your commission expires, you must retake and pass the notary exam.

Our comprehensive notary renewal package includes the mandatory three-hour course for your convenience. When you complete the course, save the completion certificate to your computer as a PDF, JPEG, or TIFF file to upload it with your online renewal application.

#2: Complete and Submit Your Application

Start your online renewal by purchasing our online renewal package. After purchasing, you'll get an email with comprehensive application instructions, including all relevant links.

#3: Receive Your Notary Bond & Get Sworn In

Once the Department of State approves your renewal application, it will mail a notice of appointment and a blank bond and oath form.

After receiving these forms, you have forty-five (45) days* to do the following:

  • Execute your $10,000 bond
  • Register your signature with the prothonotary of the county where the office is located
  • Take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office
  • Record the bond, commission, and oath of office in the Recorder of Deeds office

*If these steps are not completed within 45 days, the commission becomes null and void, and you must restart the application process.

Pennsylvania law requires notary surety bonds to be signed and notarized by the bond seller. To make sure we get to your bond within the 45-day deadline, forward the email from the state with the Cover Letter and Bond Letter PDF attachments to us at info@notaries.com.

More Information About the Application and Renewal Process

How much does it cost to renew a Pennsylvania notary appointment?

Notary renewal costs include a new stamp, journal, and application fees. We’ve simplified most of that by including everything you need in our notary renewal package. The cost of our renewal package does not include the state-required application fee.

Can I renew my notary commission online?

Yes, renewing online is encouraged by the Pennsylvania Department of State. Get started here.

How often must Pennsylvania notaries renew their commission?

Pennsylvania notary commissions are valid for four years. Check your notary seal to see when your commission expires.

Can I renew my PA notary commission after it expires?

If you let your notary commission lapse, you must go through the entire application process again as if it was your first time applying to become a notary. This will require you to take and pass a notary exam. If you're in this position, follow this guide for simple instructions!

How early can I renew my notary commission in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of State encourages notaries to start their renewal application at least three months before their commission expires to ensure an uninterrupted commission.