Pennsylvania Notary FAQs

Do I need the $10,000 surety bond to become a Pennsylvania Notary?

Yes, the State of Pennsylvania requires all notaries to hold a $10,000 surety bond. This bond serves to protect the state and business from any mistakes the notary makes. This bond does not protect the notary.

How long is my notary commission good for?

Your commission will be valid for four years, after which you must renew your commission.

How do I renew my notary commission?

You must reapply and follow the same steps you took to first become a Pennsylvania Notary.

How long should I wait before renewing my Pennsylvania notary commission?

It is recommended that you begin the renewal process three months before your current commission expires.

Do I need a notary stamp to become a notary?

Yes, the State of Pennsylvania requires all notarized documents to possess a notary stamp. Therefore, you need a stamp to work as a Pennsylvania Notary.

Can I use a Notary Embosser Seal instead of a Notary Stamp?

No, in Pennsylvania a Notary Embosser Seal may be used as extra validation of a document, but it cannot be used independently from a Notary Stamp.

Do I need to by Errors & Omission's insurance?

No, Errors & Omissions insurance is not required for Pennsylvania Notaries. However, this insurance protects the notary against lawsuits and mistakes, so it is highly advisable to purchase some.

Do I need a to keep a Recordbook (Journal) of the work I do as a Notary?

Yes, the State of Pennsylvania requires all notaries to keep a record of their book. This record may be paper or electronic.

Am I eligible to become a Pennsylvania Notary?

To become a Notary in Pennsylvania you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18-years or older
  • You are a resident of Pennsylvania or employed in Pennsylvania and have a physical work address in the state (a P.O. Box will not qualify)
  • You are of good character
  • Within five years of application date, you have not committed a felony or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere
  • Within five years of applying, you have not had a notary commission in Pennsylvania revoked

Do I have to send my application to the state?

No, our simple instructions will guide you through completion of your application at the state's online application portal.

Do I fill out my blank Notary Bond?

No, do not fill out your blank Notary Bond. The blank Notary bond and Notice to Appointee that you will receive from the state four weeks after the application has been submitted must be sent to as soon as you receive it. Do not write on the forms before sending them – we will fill out the forms and return them to you along with your customized notary stamp by the record of deeds with 2-day USPS priority shipping.

Once I receive my filled out bond, am I ready to being notarizing?

No, once you've received your bond from, you must take it to your county office and get sworn in.

How long do I have to get sworn in?

Once your letter and bond is sent, you have 45 days to get sworn in as a notary. The date you must get sworn in by can be found on your Notice to Appointee Letter.