How Can Notaries Get Returning Customers?

May 04, 2017 / Uncategorized

Savvy business people understand the value of returning customers. In the long run they often generate more income for you at a lower cost, making them worth time and effort. So how do you earn returning customers? Here are some ideas.

Surpass expectations

The little things can go a long way. Arriving on time, behaving courteously, and dressing professionally are a few small ways to leave a good impression. Work efficiently without seeming like you are rushing through the process. Present yourself as an expert in your field. Be prepared to answer questions and explain things in greater detail.

Let the customer lead

Everyone has a way they prefer to conduct business, from how they are contacted to how the business is handled. For example, one client may like to communicate though texts rather than calls or emails. Some people will want to converse before getting down to business while others just want to get the job done as quickly as possible. Figure out what your customer prefers and adapt your style accordingly.

Get involved

If you incorporate yourself into an geographical area or a business your chances of repeating customers increases. If a company you worked for is holding a charity event, go to it. If your community is having a bake sale, buy something from it – and make sure people know. Post about the cookies you bought on social media. Make sure you see an old colleague at the event, shake hands, and make sure the company knows you came.

Reward the client

It never hurts to let a client know how helpful or pleasant they were. Say something positive about working with the client or company on your social media (make sure you tag whoever you mention so it's seen) or write a review where and when you can. If you are working with an individual who does not own a business, shout out to the person on Twitter. If you are really interested in impressing the customer, send the person a follow up email and written card. Doing something like this will help you become more memorable and leave your client more satisfied.

What methods do you use to build customer relationships?