How Can A Notary Validate A Signer’s Identity?

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With identity theft becoming more common, it is imperative for notaries to carefully confirm a signer’s identity. Misidentification can lead to lawsuits and other legal trouble best avoided.  Below is some advice on how notaries can validate a signer’s identity. What IDs can a notary use?Since confirming a signer is a crucial part of a notary’s job, … Continue reading “How Can A Notary Validate A Signer’s Identity?”

How Can Notaries Get Returning Customers?

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Savvy business people understand the value of returning customers. In the long run they often generate more income for you at a lower cost, making them worth time and effort. So how do you earn returning customers? Here are some ideas. Surpass expectationsThe little things can go a long way. Arriving on time, behaving courteously, and … Continue reading “How Can Notaries Get Returning Customers?”

Filled Your Notary Journal? Now What?

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If you’ve been working as a notary for a while then odds are you have a few full journals lying around your house or work-space. So what can you do with them?Can I throw my notary journals away?Under no circumstances should you throw an old notary journal away. Some states consider it a felony to … Continue reading “Filled Your Notary Journal? Now What?”

Can You Notarize Documents With Blank Pages?

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Notaries may have a client who wants an incomplete document notarized, which is why it is important for a notary to understand which blank spaces are acceptable and which documents to turn away. Documents with unfilled fieldsIn many states notarizing an incomplete document is illegal and should never be done. Even if it not illegal in … Continue reading “Can You Notarize Documents With Blank Pages?”

Defining a Notario Publico

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Defining a Notario PublicoThe Hispanic occupation Notario Publico translates directly to Notary Public; however, the job description and qualifications of these two positions do not. So what are the differences between a Notary Public and Notario Publico? Where Notary Public and Notario Publico can workEach state in the United States has a different set of … Continue reading “Defining a Notario Publico”