How Much Does a Notary Make?

September 9th, 2022 / Notary Association of America

You may already know that becoming a notary public can be a rewarding full- or part-time career, but can you make a living as a notary? There are many factors to how much money you can make as a notary, from local demand to the type of services you offer.

While earning potential can vary between states (or even counties), here are some general figures to help you determine if becoming a notary is the right career path.

How Do Notaries Make Money?

The notary profession offers a level of flexibility not seen in most other careers. The two most common ways notaries make money are:

  • Part of an established salary (working for a bank, local post office or another business)
  • As an independent, freelance notary

If you like having set hours and working for someone else, becoming a notary can be a valuable addition to your resume that generates additional income.

Or, if you’d rather set your own hours, work part-time or be your own boss, establishing your own notary business can work well for you!

Income from Notary Fees

No matter what kind of notary you choose to be, most notary-specific income comes from fees for your services. There are fees associated with general notary work, including acknowledgments, jurats and oaths, and affirmations. These fees come with limitations, however.

Because notaries are public officials working on behalf of the state, most states set limits on notarization fees. For example, Florida allows notaries to charge up to $10 for each notarial act. While in New York, notaries can only charge $2 per notarial act.

To complicate things further, some states allow notaries to set their own fees if they are deemed “reasonable.” These states include Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

>> View notary fee limits, if any, in your state

Average Notary Salary

There are plenty of ways for notaries to make money, but can it be a full-time career? The answer depends on many factors, such as your location, your employer and your personal time and training commitments.

Dependencies aside, the average yearly salary for a full-time notary public is $50,294. This national average is based on four data points from Indeed, ZipRecruiter,, and Glassdoor.

Just like with full-time, income earned while working as a part-time notary depends on your weekly commitment to scheduling signings. For a simple average, take the hourly rate from $50,294 (about $24) and multiply that by the number of hours you plan on working per week.

States with the Best Notary Pay

Your potential notary salary depends on where you live and the amount of competition you might face. States with the highest average salary for notaries, according to most salary websites, include:

  • New York
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Vermont

How Much Do Different Types of Notaries Make?

In the notary world, there are two basic types: notaries public and notary signing agents. Notaries Public do general notary work, while signing agents handle high-risk loan documents such as mortgages in addition to general notary work.

Generally, due to the complex nature of loans, notary signing agents require more training and sometimes unique certification compared to standard notaries. With greater training comes greater responsibility, and usually higher pay.

ZipRecruiter says the average annual salary for a notary signing agent is $99,229, almost double the notary public salary.

>> Learn more about becoming a signing agent

What About Mobile Notaries?

Unlike notaries who work on staff at a fixed location like a post office, mobile notaries travel to different locations based on their customers’ needs. This can be a great way to increase earning potential because you’re in control of what jobs you take.

You can get more gigs by booking multiple signings per week (or per day) and charging travel fees on top of signing fees. Some states regulate the amount of money you can charge per mile, while others don’t. Check your state’s notary law for more information.

It’s also possible to combine mobile notary duties with your signing agent training and potentially earn even more. For example, you can travel to mortgage lenders when future homeowners need their closing documents notarized.

One important thing to keep in mind when considering becoming a part- or full-time mobile notary is that you are essentially acting as an independent business. Therefore, you’ll need to consider business entity costs. recommends forming either a sole partnership or a limited liability company (LLC) when starting your mobile notary business.

Start Making Money as a Notary

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No matter where you are on your notary journey, you’re not alone! Please contact us anytime if you need help. Or take advantage of our other articles to learn how to maximize your earning potential.

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