Ways to Make More Money as a Notary

May 13, 2024 / Notary Association of America
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Setting your own work hours is one of the great things about being a notary public. But sometimes, relying on sporadic signing appointments isn't enough to make the work sustainable. Or, if your state's signing fee caps are low, you might be struggling to make enough even with a steady flow of customers.

This article offers suggestions for those who want to make full-time notary work a viable career. Of course, operating as a part-time notary is also an option. But if you see career potential as a notary and are struggling to make it financially, these tips can help.

Accessible Ideas to Increase Your Income as a Notary

We're ordering our suggestions based on accessibility. In this case, accessible means you won't need to complete additional training. You can start experimenting with these ideas armed with just your notary commission and some determination.

Note: For these first few ideas, we're assuming you have a reliable form of transportation and can meet with your customers to perform notarial duties. This alone provides opportunities for additional income because you can add travel charges to your fees.

Find Your Notarization Specialty

One of the simplest ways to increase your income potential as a notary is to find and capitalize on an underserved market. If you're not familiar with your local area or its demographics, it's worth doing some research. Look for opportunities to fulfill notary needs that aren't readily available.

Do you live near an area with an aging population or several assisted living facilities? Market yourself as a notary who specializes in documents used for estate planning, like wills and living trusts.

Or, if you're near a hospital, offer your services to patients who need notarized health care proxy or power of attorney documents.

There's also a need for notaries within correction facilities. Inmates must usually surrender their driver's license or ID, so they require credible witnesses. It's not for everyone, and it's important to contact the facility or the unit manager before starting. But if you're willing, you could find plenty of people who need a visitation letter or impounded vehicle release document notarized.

Perform Remote Online Notarizations

Remote online notarization (RON) allows you to work with individuals, banks, law firms and other organizations completely online. As an authorized online notary, you'd work in a virtual setting to notarize electronic documents for clients located anywhere in the United States over a secure audio-video connection.

Currently, online notarization is legal in 47 states, with more coming soon. All state's RON regulations are different. Florida requires additional training, but other states allow commissioned notaries to perform RONs with no additional requirements.

RON is a great way to expand your client base beyond your own backyard. A notary in Michigan can connect with a principal in California to notarize a document for use in Texas with a witness in Oregon. Want to learn more? Check out our detailed overview of RON and its benefits here.

Opportunities with Higher Earning Potential... But a Higher Barrier of Entry

With these opportunities, you can start ramping up your commission's earning potential. But they also require more effort, additional training, a different commission or a different job altogether. Don't let that discourage you. Thousands of notaries have taken steps like these to advance their careers.

Become a Notary Signing Agent

Notary (or loan) signing agents are commissioned notaries who are specially trained to handle loan documents such as mortgages. They usually work for banks, mortgage loan providers or title agencies to guide borrowers through the loan closing process.

Due to the increased complexity of loan documents and the sensitive information they contain, most employers look for signing agents who have completed training and undergone a comprehensive background check.

But the benefits are often worth the extra effort. Signing agents can earn between $75 and $200 per signing appointment. Additionally, they can charge additional fees for services like mailing the loan package, printing loan documents, and transportation expenses (if applicable).

Tap into a whole new client base in the real estate market for a relatively low initial investment. Learn more about the additional training and commission process here.

Explore Careers That Can Utilize Your Commission

Utilizing your commission in a traditional job setting is a great way to generate extra income. As a notary, you possess valuable skills like a strong attention to detail, great organization, self-management and effective communication. These talents, paired with your commission, can help you land a great job that offers a more traditional work schedule and consistent paycheck.

Positions like escrow assistants, field inspectors and bookkeepers are just a few options to consider.

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

No matter what path you choose, making more money as a notary likely means you'll be pushed out of your comfort zone. But that's okay. You're a notary. You're already great at adapting, learning and doing what it takes to succeed.

If you ever need help during your notary journey, we're here to help. Call us, shoot us an email or chat with us live online. We can answer your questions, guide you through training requirements and keep you stocked with the essentials during your commission.