Tips For A Starting Notary

March 08, 2017 / General Notary Advice

With your notary stamp/seal and certificate finally in hand you're ready to begin work as a notary, but where do you start? Learning how to do something and actually doing it can prove challenging and overwhelming. It's been said that practice makes perfect, but, as a notary, you can't afford mistakes. So what can you do?

Start small

There are lots of things a notary can do but offering all of those services when you're just starting out is a lot to manage. Instead of doing everything pick a few specific services to offer. Once you feel comfortable with those slowly expand what you offer.

This method can keep you from making costly mistakes that might hurt your reputation in the future.

Plan ahead

No matter what business you're in having a plan will keep you on task and help you move forward and upward in your career. Knowing how you want to work as a notary and working towards a set of goals will help you become a successful one.

Advertise you

As part of your business plan you should decide how to spread the word about the notary services you offer. Putting a listing on craigslist won't be enough to bring people in. Rather, you need to formulate a strategy, determine your target audience, and reach out to potential customers through various mediums.

Get networking

No matter your industry networking is always smart choice. It can make or break a new notary's career. Find another notaries and be sure to ask them questions, offer to help if they have an overflow of work, and reference them for jobs you don't feel comfortable with yet. Building a relationship with an established notary can help get your feet on the ground.

Keep learning!

You have your notary certificate but don't stop there. Laws are always changing, and all notary should make a habit of checking his or her state notary laws. It never hurts to visit conferences and notary events as well in order to connect with other notaries and see what they did in situations you may soon be facing.

Just starting out? What methods do you plan on trying?