Filled Your Notary Journal? Now What?

April 24, 2017 / Uncategorized

If you've been working as a notary for a while then odds are you have a few full journals lying around your house or work-space. So what can you do with them?

Can I throw my notary journals away?

Under no circumstances should you throw an old notary journal away. Some states consider it a felony to do so. These journals serve to protect you against potential lawsuits, but they also contain highly sensitive information about your clients. If a journal fell into the wrong hands, your client's identity could be at risk. Even if you've been a notary for 20 years and completed journals are stacking up, do not throw them away.

Can I destroy my notary journals?

Many states will allow notaries to destroy notary journals whose last entry is a certain number of years old (usually five). However, not every state allows this so it's best to check before you do anything permanent.

What should I do with my notary journals if I'm retiring from notary work?

If you're no longer working as a notary, many states require you to turn old journals in either to your country clerk or government agency. Again, it's best to check your state's policies on this.