Derrick Huckleberry in the News

August 01, 2015 / Uncategorized

Huckleberry Notary bonding, Inc. on Howell Branch Road in Maitland, Florida supplies notary bonds, stamps, seals and handbooks and educational seminars for future notaries.

While the bulk of the business is from direct mailings, owner Derrick Huckleberry said the recently launched web site has allowed the company to branch out to 12 other states, including Washington State, Nebraska, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Montana. The web site is for busy professionals who want to easily apply for and take notary educational course online.

"This is a customer service oriented business," said Derrick Huckleberry, who began the business with himself and two other employees in 1984.

"I'm against the voice mail thing and not being able to connect with a person immediately. we answer phones directly."

Direct contact works because Huckleberry has 60,000 new or renewing clients a year. During a four-year period, there were an estimated 240,000 clients on the company database…

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