Completing a Jurat

March 15, 2017 / Uncategorized

A jurat verifies a document's content upon its affirmation. In short, it's an acknowledgement by the signer in the presence of a notary regarding a document's legitimacy. Each state will require specific verbiage and failure to use it could render an oath invalid and land a notary with a lawsuit.

A common notary process, knowing how to complete a jurat is important. Please remember no one, not even an attorney, can take an affirmation or oath for someone else.

How to certify a jurat

Each time you execute a jurat, make sure you certify these four things:

  1. Signer's presence — he or she must sign the document while physically in the same room as you
  2. Signer's identity — by the means of your state, confirm the signer's identity
  3. Signer's signature — you must watch the signer sign the document while he or she is in your presence
  4. Signer's oath — he or she must swear to the validity of the document's contents using the appropriate words
Signer's Oath

While most states do not require it, having the signer lift his or her right hand and repeat an oath is simple practice a notary can use. They can either "swear" or "affirm" that the contents of the document are true and valid. This helps the signer realizes the seriousness of the situation. Remember the signer should have two options: an oath to a deity or an affirmation on the signer's personal honor.