What's New At Notaries.com

September 01, 2015 / Uncategorized

Notaries.com is on the move and we are adding new features and tools that will help you become a better notary and do your job more effectively.

Quick Links to State Applications: If you are renewing your notary, you can now find quick links on the main site to the application start process. Even though we have made it as easy as possible for you to find the application, this should be even faster. The links are at the bottom of the center section at http://www.notaries.com.

FAQs: We have changed the FAQ section from Ask a Question to FAQs. Now we list all the FAQs in one place so it is easy for you to see them and read. These FAQs were built by notaries like yourself that have asked us questions. The answers to the questions are listed here so if you have something you need to know, chances are you will find it here. You can find the FAQs at http://notaries.com/notary-frequently-asked-questions/.

Archived Notary Notations: You can read all of the back issues of Notary Notations in one place. These notations are filled with interesting and valuable information. You can find the notary Notations at http://www.notaries.com/articles/.

Download the PDF Applications: All of our applications are available for download on the download page located here, http://www.notaries.com/download-application/.

Press Releases: We have added a press Release section to the website so you can view past press releases and keep up on what is going on at notaries.com. They are located here, http://www.notaries.com/press-release/.

Renewing Florida and Texas notaries: Take advantage of the special price offers in Florida and Texas while you can. This offer can end at any time.