How to Become a Pennsylvania Notary

Here is a step-by-step guide to become a notary in Pennsylvania. handles all of these requirements through our easy application, so rest-assured you have everything you need to become a notary!.

1) Meet State of Pennsylvania Notary Requirements to be a Notary Public

In order to become a notary in Pennsylvania, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You are 18-years old or older
  • You live in Pennsylvania or work at a location that has a physical address in Pennsylvania (not a P.O. Box)
  • You are a good, morally upstanding character
  • Within the five-years of the application date, you have not been committed or pled guilty to a nolo contendere (no contest)
  • Within the five-years of the applying date, you have not a notary commission revoked in Pennsylvania

2) Take a Pennsylvania Notary Course

All Pennsylvania Notary applicants must take a 3-hour, state-approved training course. is a state approved provider of the course. Unless you have worked continuously as a Pennsylvania Notary without any break since July 2003, you must re-take this course whether you are renewing your notary commission or applying for the first time. The course is taken online. application package comes with the required 3-hour course.

3) Complete Your Pennsylvania Notary Application and Access the Online Course

At you will fill out a notary application, purchase your notary bond, purchase and take the online notary education course and pre-order your customized notary stamp. As you follow the prompts at, you will provide the information required for your state Notary Commission Application. Once you have made your payment, you will be prompted to PRINT a copy of your application. The application is ONE page. You will also have access to the Online Notary course. When you have completed the course you will be prompted to PRINT a copy of your Education Certificate.

You will sign both your Application and your Education certificate. NOTE: The state of Pennsylvania requires you to sign with a signature that is completely legible. One must be able to tell exactly what your name is by looking only at your signature. A squiggle or stylized signature will NOT be accepted. Your signature MUST match the name printed on your application exactly. If you do not use your middle name or initials, then do not include them when you complete the application. Once your application and education certificate have been signed, mail them to We will send your application to the state on your behalf. Mail to: (formerly Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc)
225 E Robinson St #570
Orlando, FL 32801

You will receive a letter and return envelope, from letting you know that your application has been submitted to the state and what to watch for next.

4) Wait for Your Notice to Appointee Letter

Four-Six weeks after the state receives your application, you will receive your NOTICE TO APPOINTEE letter and a blank NOTARY BOND directly from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The letter will come to your BUSINESS address if you provided one on your application. AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE the Notice of Appointee letter and Bond, MAIL them directly to in the return envelope we provided to you. The state allows 45 days for you to have the bond completed and then take it to the Recorder of Deeds to get sworn in. If you fail to appear at the Recorder of Deeds with your completed bond at the date given in the Notice to Appointee Letter, then your notary appointment will be voided and you will have to begin the process over again. DO NOT sign or complete any portion of the bond. The bond cannot be corrected in any way and any error on the bond will delay the application process. We will complete the bond and send it along with your Notice of Appointee Letter and your customized self-inking notary stamp to you using priority shipping.

5) Take the Oath of Office

When you receive your completed bond, letter and stamp back from you will go to the Recorder of Deeds office of the county where your notary appointment is and get sworn in. If you have provided business information on your application, then the state will tie your notary to the county where the business is located. If you miss the 45-day deadline, your commission becomes null and void and you will have to begin the application process from the beginning, costing you extra time and additional fees. Once you have been sworn in, you can begin to notarize. will have provided you with everything you need in your duties as a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Items such as your:

  • $10,000 Notary Bond
  • Record book (Journal) and
  • Customized Notary Stamp that meets or exceeds state requirements