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Michigan Notary Renewal Package

Notaries.com takes the stress out of renewing as a notary. Our renewal package includes:

  • Your notary commission certificate
  • $10,000 notary bond
  • Self-inking notary stamp
  • Notary journal
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Looking for a simple way to renew your Michigan notary commission? Our all-in-one renewal package can help! We include detailed renewal instructions with our package, but here’s a preview of our step-by-step Michigan notary reappointment guide.

How to Renew Your Commission

Renewing your Michigan notary commission follows the same steps as when you first applied. As long as you still meet the Michigan notary eligibility requirements, you can follow these steps to renew.

1: Complete Your Application

Start the reappointment process by purchasing our online renewal package. After purchasing, you’ll get an email with comprehensive Michigan notary application instructions and all relevant links.

When filling out the application, remember these tips:

  • Your printed name and signature on the application must exactly match what's on the bond
  • Fill out the bond completely with no blanks and have it notarized properly
  • Include your physical home address on the application to verify it matches the county of residence on your bond
  • If you changed your name during the previous commission period, you must provide the exact names before and after the change and include legal documentation to show why your name has changed (such as a marriage license or divorce decree)
  • Don't forget the $10 state renewal fee!

2: File Your Surety Bond & Swear an Oath of Office with the County Clerk

Like when you first applied, your renewal application must include a $10,000 surety bond. It's required for all notaries in Michigan because it protects clients from potential notarization mistakes. Because a new bond is required, we include one in your online renewal package! Once you get your bond, print it, sign it, and present it to your County Clerk’s office. The county charges a $10 filing fee that is nonrefundable. The fee may increase depending on your county.

After filing your bond, you must complete a written or oral oath of office that is verified by the county clerk.

3: Submit Your Completed Application

After fulfilling the filing requirements at the county level, mail your completed application to the Office of the Great Seal with a $10.00 filing fee payable to the State of Michigan.

Mail your application to:
Office of the Great Seal
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI, 48918

4: Secure a New Notary Stamp & Other Supplies

Because notary stamps display commission expiration dates, our online renewal package includes a new notary stamp that meets or exceeds state specifications!

Your new stamp includes:

  • Your name as it appears on the application and bond
  • The name of the county you are commissioned in
  • Your notary commission's expiration date

Because the expiration date is required, we cannot make your notary stamp until you've received your Notary Commission Certificate with your new expiration date. After getting your commission from the state, make sure your name, county of residence, and commission dates are correct. If your commission certificate is accurate, forward an emailed copy or scan and email a copy to info@notaries.com. Then we'll ship your new stamp.

While the state does not require a record-keeping journal, we include one for you in our renewal package. If you need any other notary supplies for your new commission, visit our notary supply page!

More Information About the Renewal process

How much does it cost to renew a notary commission?

Costs for notary renewal in Michigan include a new surety bond, a new stamp, and application fees. We’ve simplified most of that by including everything you need in our notary renewal package.

The cost of our renewal package does not include the state-required fee for bond filing and application. Bond filing fees are usually $10, but some counties charge more. There is also a $10 non-refundable application processing fee.

Can I renew my notary commission online?

Yes. However, we recommend printing your completed application and mailing it to this address:

Office of the Great Seal
7064 Crowner Drive
Lansing, MI, 48918

Remember to include a check for the $10 filing fee made out to the State of Michigan.

How often does a notary have to renew in MI?

Notary commissions in Michigan last six or seven years, depending on the date of appointment.

  • If your commission date is before your birthday in that calendar year, the term is six years from your birthday.
  • If your commission date is after your birthday in that calendar year, the term is seven years from your birthday.

How do I find out when my notary commission expires?

The easiest way to see when your notary commission expires is by checking the date on your stamp. You can also contact the county clerk that issued your oath for current commission information.

Can I renew my MI notary after it expires?

Yes. There is no automatic notary renewal process in Michigan. You must apply for a new commission each time, even if your current one is expired.

How early can I renew my notary in Michigan?

To ensure there is no gap in your commission status, the Michigan Department of State recommends completing the renewal process 60 days before your current commission expires.