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Washington State Notary Renewal Package

Notaries.com takes the stress out of renewing as a notary. Our renewal package includes:

  • Your notary commission certificate
  • $10,000 notary bond
  • Self-inking notary stamp
  • Notary journal
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How to Renew Your Commission

Washington's notary renewal process is similar to the one you followed for your initial notary application. If your current commission expires in 120 days or less and you still meet all of Washington's notary requirements, you can renew! Here's a step-by-step guide.

#1: Order your Notary Bond and Other Supplies

Just like when you first applied, you must purchase a $10,000 surety bond to renew your commission. Remember, it's required for all notaries because it protects clients from potential notarization mistakes.

Because Washington requires a new bond with your renewal, we include the bond in your online renewal package! Once you get your bond, print it and sign it to include in your renewal application.

We've included a record-keeping journal in our renewal package because Washington has required notaries to keep a journal of all notarizations since July 2018. We also offer other notary supplies like stamp ink if you've run low over the years!

#2: Complete the State of Washington Notary Public Commission Renewal Application

After getting your bond, you can complete and submit the Washington notary renewal application in two ways: on the WA Secretary of State (SOS) website or by mail via a printable PDF. Note: The Washington SOS recommends renewing online to avoid processing delays.

It's necessary to purchase your bond before applying because the renewal application must include a copy of your signed $10,000 surety bond.

When filling out the application, remember these tips:

  • Your printed name and signature on the application must exactly match what's on the bond
  • Fill out the bond completely with no blanks and have it notarized properly
  • Include your physical home address on the application to verify it matches the county of residence on your bond
  • If you changed your name during the previous commission period, you must provide the exact names before and after the change and include legal documentation to show why your name has changed (such as a marriage license or divorce decree)
  • Don't forget to include the $30 state renewal fee!

#3: Secure a New Notary Stamp

Because notary stamps display commission expiration dates, part of your Washington notary renewal includes getting a new stamp. Along with a bond, our online renewal package also includes a new notary stamp that meets or exceeds state specifications!

Your new stamp will have:

  • Your name as it appears on the application and bond
  • The name of the county you are commissioned in
  • Your notary commission's expiration date

Because the expiration date is required, we cannot make your notary stamp until you've received your Notary Commission Certificate with your new expiration date. After getting your commission from the state, make sure your name, county of residence, and commission dates are correct. If your commission certificate is accurate, forward an emailed copy or scan and email a copy to info@notaries.com, and we'll ship your new stamp.

More Information about the Application and Renewal Process

How much does it cost to renew a notary commission in Washington?

When you choose Notaries.com, renewal costs include:

  • $109 for the renewal package (includes bond, a new stamp, and a record-keeping journal)
  • $30 Washington state application fee

Can Washington notaries renew their commission online?

Yes. In fact, the Washington Secretary of State encourages online renewals to avoid processing delays. Create your Secure Access Washington (SAW) account or sign into an existing account to renew online.

What are the surety bond requirements in Washington?

Washington requires all notaries to have a $10,000 surety bond.

Do I need errors and omissions insurance in WA?

Washington does not require errors and omissions insurance, but it's recommended to protect you from potential lawsuits. The $10,000 surety bond protects clients — not the notary — from any financial harm because of potential notary mistakes.

How often does a notary have to renew in Washington?

A Washington notary commission is valid for four years. You can start the renewal process within 120 days of your current commission's expiration date.

Can I renew my WA notary commission after it expires?

No. If your commission expires, you must apply for a new one.

How early can I renew my notary in Washington?

You can renew starting 120 days before your commission's expiration date.

How do I find out when my notary expires?

The easiest way is to look at your stamp! Or you can sign into your Secure Access Washington (SAW) account to view your current commission.