Purchase CA Notary E&O Insurance and Protect Yourself from Liability

Errors and omissions (E&O) is a type of professional liability insurance. It protects you, the notary public, from claims made against your bond. Defending yourself against a claim — especially if you're found liable for a customer's financial loss — could be expensive. Can you afford a lawsuit? We recommend these policies for all notaries even if you think you can.

E&O insurance includes protection against:

  • Signature or seal forgery
  • Mistakes like not properly identifying signer(s)
  • Legal defense expenses

How It Protects You

E&O policies charge a one-time premium to cover out-of-pocket expenses related to judgments, attorney fees, court costs and settlements. The protection is based on the policy's coverage limit.

For example:

Your notary bond company informs you that a former client made a claim against you. The claim was settled out of court, and your bond provider paid the client $5,000. Per your bond agreement, you must now repay the $5,000.

If you do not have E&O insurance, you must pay that amount out of pocket. However, a $10,000 policy covers the surety bond payback.

California 4-Year E&O Insurance

Get protection for the full term of your Commission.

  • $40 for $10,000 coverage
  • $70 for $25,000 coverage
  • $110 for $50,000 coverage
  • $170 for $100,000 coverage

California E&O Insurance Options

You're in the right place if you're looking for insurance carriers offering E&O coverage. We have affordable E&O insurance policies underwritten by the Travelers Indemnity Company. There is no deductible or loss repayment.

Our diverse coverage options fit any budget. Premiums start at $40 for $10,000 of coverage. Policies last as long as your four-year commission term.

You can pick a policy based on what you think you'll need, but we recommend choosing one that triples California's $15,000 bond limit.

Why Do I Need E&O Insurance When I Have a Notary Surety Bond?

State-required bonds don't protect notaries. They protect the public from financial loss caused by notarization mistakes.

If someone makes a claim against your $15,000 bond and it's deemed legitimate, the bond provider pays the claimant. Then, the provider will likely demand repayment from you.

How Do I File an E&O Claim?

If a valid claim is made against your bond and you need to defend yourself in court or repay a surety bond, here are tips for filing an E&O claim:

  • Provide your E&O provider with as much information as possible about the claim made against your surety bond. Document everything you can in writing to help your case. Your notary journal is vital during this process.
  • Work with the insurance company's claim professional. If necessary, find a lawyer who specializes in this area. Don't talk about the case with anyone except the claim professional and your lawyer.
  • Work with the insurance company and/or lawyer to try and reach a settlement outside of court.

We offer protection for California notaries. Purchase notary E&O insurance in California before someone files a claim against your bond. Ensure your financial protection today.