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The Notary Association of America® (NAA) provides vital resources and support to an ever-growing community of notary professionals. Through continuing education, expert advice, and top-quality notary supplies, the NAA strives to help members succeed in their career and elevate the honorable office of notary public.

Notary Association of America

NAA Membership Benefits

When you join the NAA, you gain immediate access to our members-only benefits. Any time you have questions about notarization procedures, notary training, or other important topics, call our toll-free support number for expert guidance from our notary professionals.

All new NAA members receive a Notary Education Packet, which contains vital information for both new and experienced notaries. We provide a guidebook that explains how to properly execute common types of notarizations. The guidebook also outlines ways you can avoid making improper, negligent, or fraudulent notarizations, which can result in costly lawsuits.

The Notary Association of America® members also receive:

  • A frameable NAA Creed of Integrity
  • Our quarterly newsletter
  • A notary public wall sign
  • Customized Membership Card
  • State Notary Handbook

As an NAA member, you can redeem discounts on notary stamps, journals, and other tools of the trade. Whether you want to add an elegant, personalized touch to your notarizations with a raised gold foil seal or just need to order standard notary supplies, we have you covered.

Save on Membership Dues and Notary Training

You can save money on your annual dues by purchasing multiple years of membership at once. Plus, you'll gain free access to our online notary education courses if you purchase a full-term membership.

NAA Membership Pricing

  • One-year membership: $49
  • Full-term membership: $99

Providing quality training and expertise is a major focus of the Notary Association of America®. Enroll in our notary training course to learn crucial notarial procedures that protect you from liability. And if you'd like to earn additional income with your notary commission, we can train you to become a certified notary signing agent.

Regardless of your experience level, the Notary Association of America® is here to support and empower you by providing the highest level of professional notary training and expertise available.

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