Purchase Notary E&O Insurance in Texas

An E&O policy is professional liability insurance that helps protect you, the notary public, against claims of negligence. If found liable for a client’s financial loss, or if a false claim is made against you, defending yourself could cost a lot of money. Can you afford a lawsuit?

E&O insurance helps you keep more of your money by protecting against:

  • Stamp/signature forgery
  • Unintentional notarization mistakes like failing to properly identify signer(s)
  • Inclusion in a larger lawsuit, even if the notary made no mistakes

How It Works

An E&O policy protects individuals and businesses. Since mistakes can result in lawsuits, most notary E&O insurance policies cover expenses related to judgments, attorney fees, court costs, and settlements – up to the policy's dollar limit.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

A former client claims you made a mistake and is pursuing legal action. You get caught up in a court case and are found liable for the client’s financial loss totaling $10,000.

Your bond provider pays the client $10,000 and then contacts you for repayment. With the claim payback plus legal fees, you owe $20,000.

Without E&O insurance, you must pay the $20,000 out of your own pocket.

But if you purchased a $20,000 policy, it covers the surety bond payback and your legal fees related to the incident.

If you need to defend yourself legally, filing an errors and omissions claim doesn’t need to be complicated. These general tips can help:

  • Submit the claim information to the insurance provider as soon as possible. Document as much as you can — preferably in writing — to help your case. Your notary journal is especially important here.
  • Work with your insurance’s claim professional and, if necessary, have them recommend a lawyer who specializes in E&O claims. Don’t discuss the details of the claim with anyone except the claim professional and your lawyer.
  • Work with the insurance company and/or lawyer to try and reach a settlement outside of court.

E&O insurance protects you from paying out-of-pocket up to your policy coverage limit. Legal fees, notary public bond repayments, settlement costs, and legal defense fees are all covered.

Texas 4-Year E&O Insurance

Get protection for the full term of your Commission.

  • $40 for $10,000 coverage
  • $60 for $20,000 coverage
  • $70 for $25,000 coverage
  • $110 for $50,000 coverage
  • $170 for $100,000 coverage

Protect Yourself from Financial Liability — Starting at $1.25 per Month

Our E&O insurance policies are underwritten by the Travelers Indemnity Company. There’s no deductible or repayment of losses for you to worry about. Coverage ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 and lasts for the duration of your commission term (one to four years).

The different coverage options ensure you can stay protected and continue offering notarial services regardless of your budget. We recommend that you select a notary errors and omissions insurance policy that is double or triple the amount of your state’s bond limit. For Texas, our policies start at $20,000.

Buying the protection you need doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase a comprehensive notary insurance policy with a monthly payment that’s lower than a decent cup of coffee. Premiums start at $1.25 per month.

I Already Have a Notary Bond. Why Do I Need E&O Insurance?

Here’s an important reminder — notary bonds do not protect you. They protect the public from financial loss resulting from any accidental or intentional notarization mistakes.

If a claim is made against your state-required $10,000 bond, the bond’s underwriter will pay the person who filed the claim. Then, the bond provider can demand that you repay the claim amount and any additional fees from lawsuits.

We offer protection for Texas notaries public. The time to find providers of notary E&O insurance in Texas is before someone files a claim against you. We’re here to help you set up your liability insurance — your financial protection — today.