Texas Notary FAQs

How long is my commission valid for?

Your Texas Notary Commission is valid for four-years.

How do I renew my commission?

Without an automatic renewal process, you must repeat the same steps as first-time notaries. This includes completing the Form 2301, purchasing a $10,000 surety bond, and acquiring a new seal.

When should I renew my commission?

You should begin the renewal process three months before your current commission expires.

Do I need to take any educational courses to become a Texas Notary?

No. There is no education required to become a Texas Notary. However, the state does offer training.

I'm I eligible to become a Texas Notary?

If you are at least 18-years old, are a Texas Resident, and have not been convicted of a felony or crime involving moral turpitude, then you may become a Texas Notary. Additionally, if you are an escrow agent working in a state adjacent to Texas, you may also become a Texas Notary.

Do I need to submit my application to the state?

No. Just submit your application to us and we'll submit it to the state for you, including the $21 filing fee.

Do I need to send you my Notary Commission Certificate?

No. Once you receive your Notary Commission Certificate in your email, we will create your notary stamp and send it to you within 10 business days.

Do I need to pay the state filing fee?

No. Your state filing fee is included in the course cost.

Do I need the $10,000 bond?

Yes. The State of Texas requires all Texas Notaries to hold a $10,000 surety bond. This bond serves to protect the public, not the notary, from any mistakes the notary might make.

Do I need Errors & Omissions Insurance?

No. The State of Texas does not require Texas Notaries to hold Errors & Omissions insurance. However, it is highly recommended as it protects the notary against lawsuits.

Do I need the record keeping journal?

Yes. Texas requires all notaries to keep a record of their work. If you're renewing your notary commission, you do not need to purchase a new book unless yours is full.

When will I receive my Notary Commission Certificate?

Two weeks after your application is submitted to the Texas Secretary of State, you'll receive an email of your Texas Notary Commission.

Can I notarize my own certificate?

No. A current Texas Notary must notarize your commission. You must also take the Oath of Office before a current Texas Notary.

Why didn't I receive my Notary Stamp yet?

You will receive your notary stamp within 10 days of receiving your notary commission, as it cannot be made until the state as appointed you as notary.