How to Become a Utah Notary

This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of becoming a notary in Utah. Along with your bond, our notary package includes detailed instructions that guide you through this process.

1) Meet State of Utah Notary Requirements

To become a notary in Utah, you must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • Be an 18+ year old United States citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Be a legal Utah resident (or employed in Utah for at least 30 days before applying and maintain permanent residency or employment)
  • Be able to read, write, and understand English
  • Pay for and pass an online exam
  • Take a background check and list any criminal convictions to be reviewed by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor
  • Upload an accurate copy of your notarial bond and Oath of Office to the Lieutenant Governor's office

2) Purchase a Notary Bond

Utah requires that all notary applicants purchase a $5,000 notary bond. The state does not provide these bonds, but one is included with the notary package available on Be sure to pick a name for your surety bond that you want to appear on your official seal of office.

After purchase, you can print the notary bond along with a page of detailed application instructions.

3) Complete an Online Exam

Before submitting an application, you must take the Utah Notary test. To start the test, create a account.

The test has 35 multiple-choice questions that are worth 65 points. To complete your notary application, you must pass with 61 points or higher. After passing the test, you can upload your bond, oath of office, and background check.

You must also pay a total of $95 after you complete your test ($55 administration fee, $40 test fee). If you fail, each additional attempt costs $40. You can practice for the test by reviewing the Utah Notary Public Study Guide!

4) Complete a Background Check

Once you pass the test, the state will direct you to submit a background check. As of 2019, all notary public applicants in Utah must submit a background check.

Note: Utah does not notify you when it processes your background check, so the state advises to continue the application process without the results.

5) Submit Your Application

To complete your application, you must upload or submit the following:

  • Your original $5,000 bond (included in our state package)
  • A copy of your notarized oath of office
  • Any explanation of crimes committed (if necessary)

Note: there is no final submit button. Once you upload your documents, your application is complete and the state will email you your certificate once it has been processed.

6) Receive Your Notary Stamp

The state of Utah requires all Utah notaries to have a notary stamp but does not provide them directly. Our notary package includes a pre-order for your custom stamp.

This stamp includes:

  • Your name as it appears on the application and bond
  • The name of the county you're commissioned in
  • The notary commission expiration date*

*Because the expiration date must be displayed on the stamp, we cannot manufacture your notary stamp until you've received your Notary Commission Certificate with your expiration date listed on it.

When you receive your Notary Commission Certificate from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, you must forward an emailed copy, or scan and email a copy, to

We will then manufacture your notary stamp that will meet or exceed state specifications and promptly ship it to you.

The state of Utah strongly recommends all notaries to keep a journal of their work. That's why we include a notary record-keeping journal in our complete notary package.