How to Become a Florida Notary

Here is a step-by-step guide to become a notary in Florida. handles all of these requirements through our easy application, so rest-assured you have everything you need to become a notary!

1) Florida Notary Qualifications

In order to become a Florida Notary, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18-years old
  • Be a legal Florida Resident
  • Be able to read, write, and understand English
  • Have not been convicted of a felony, including those not on your public record

People with felonies may apply to become a Florida Notary under the following conditions:

  1. You write a statement of your charges with the crime, circumstances, and date. You must provide certified copies of the journal entries of the sentencing order and judgment from the court that convicted you.
  2. You must submit a Restoration of Civil Rights Certificate (RCR)

2) Florida Notary Application and Bond provides a state-accepted Florida Notary Application and bond. In order to become a notary in the state of Florida, you must possess a $7,500 surety bond that serves to protect the public, not the notary. serves as a one-stop shop for all your notary need. Our packet includes:

  • Florida Notary Application
  • Customized Notary Stamp
  • $7,500 surety bond
  • Errors & Omissions insurance*
  • Notary Commission Certificate
  • State-approved three-hour education course (see below (4) below)

*Errors and omissions insurance (professional liability insurance for notaries) is not required by the state. However, this insurance protects the notary, not the public and is an available option within our package, along with other notary tools and supplies.

The State of Florida does not provide notary applications or the state-required surety bonds. These must be obtained from a bonding agency, like

⇨ $7,500 surety bond

While your application includes this bond, here’s a little more information about it. Before you submit your application, you must have a $7,500 surety bond. Unlike the errors and omissions insurance, which protects the notary, the surety bond protects the public. The State of Florida does not provide these bonds but requires all Florida Notaries to have one.

⇨ Submit the Application

Once you have filled out the application and bond, you must send it to We submit your notary application, bond, and education certificate (if you’re a first-time notary (see below (4) below)) electronically to the State.

Submit original documents for your Florida Notary Commission Application to: (formerly Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc)
225 E Robinson St #570
Orlando, FL 32801

3) Notary Stamp

Your package includes a state-approved Notary Stamp, and all Florida Notaries are required to stamp documents they notarize. The State of Florida does not provide stamps, which must be obtained through

4) Three-Hour Florida Notary Course offers a three-hour interactive, state approved notary course. First-first time notaries must complete such a course when applying to become a Florida notary.

⇨ Renewing Notaries

Renewing notaries do not need to satisfy the three-hour education requirement unless their notary commission has been expired for over 10 years. However, renewing notaries are encouraged to take online notary education as notary laws frequently change.

5) Notary Commission

Once the state appoints you as a notary, it will generate a State Commission Number and expiration date for you. will then manufacture your state-compliant notary stamp (which must include your commission’s expiration date on it). Lastly, your customized notary stamp will be shipped to you via first class USPS mail, along with your Notary Certification Certificate ready for framing!